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The Story of the Waterfall

Sister River, she knows.

She knows she is held.

She knows she will see many different places.

She knows she can fly like a cloud in the sky.

And she knows she can fall.

Sister, I come together with you and share in your knowing...

As she approaches the cliff her belly begins to rumble, her streams rip this way and that.

Earth Mother, her Stones open a diversity of pathways.

I put my feet up I front of me where I can see them...

I flow in my current

I am relaxed, yet I am not simply being pushed around by my Sister, I am responsible for my own state of balance, and to stay in the Centre...

We approach the cliff and my Sister opens her roaring louder!

"Trust!" she roars, "Join me in I knowing!"

Like a pause she slips silently over the edge, and I with her - tumbling, melting, free falling,

And she makes rainbows, holding my hand.

Then we plunge into the churning,

Sunlight cuts into dark deeps,

The world becomes a chaos of Change!

"Breath," I hear my heart say to me from it's silent center.

I don't know whether I am up or down,

Yet I am being held.

And the drum in my chest breathes with me.

I am not alone,

I am safe,

I am where I'm meant to be - deepening as the waters wash my fear, relaxing as my sister tangles then untangle my hair.

I am loved.

This love is wild power untamed, fearce and unconditional, yet She holds me, touching every part of me, re-mind'ing me I am part of her...

The World has changed.

I am changed.

I feel Ra kiss my skin with rainbows.

Underwater all is in slow motion.

My heart beat loud drums with the now distant roar of my Sisters voice

"Now you begin to know", says she.

The pool is quiet

The journey continues

A different landscape than before.

I am more, yet less.

"Next time you make rainbows!"she says.

Munich, May 2019


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