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I am based in my office & Makosini at my home in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. I also travel extensively for work when called to, both in South Africa and abroad.

I work effectively remotely with and without the use of internet – Zoom and Skype for Bula, Steam, Vocal Alchemy, Prayer and Fire-works, and the investigative parts of Earth Works.



My heart center, heart space and heart-based way of being in the world are now clean and have a newfound clarity of presence. I have unhooked and released old experiences, people and beliefs that were hiding me from myself. I am open in a way I have never been before – it’s healthy and harmonious. It’s also very new.” 

—  Roxana, Johannesburg



With my Voice, and the voices that sing through me I conduct ceremonies of healing. Voice is my Master Instrument.




The Sangoma’s ‘job’ is to heal the community, the Mpande Gogo’s ‘job’ is to heal the community and open the voice of the twaza.



Cacao is a strong teacher to the path of Embodied Bliss & Love, the journey to know True Self.

rose path


I work as a conduit for the initiatory frequencies of the Rose working closely with the Voices of the Marys and the Magdalenes. I serve Red Tents that I prefer to call Womb Spaces.




I follow my feet to the beat of the heart and play with the people, traveling with my gifts and working as a channel with the Performance Arts to awaken and inspire the Golden Frequencies of Joy, Love, Forgiveness and Remembering within all I meet 



I volunteer to clear and revitalise the ley lines of the Earth, with the unseen mythical realms, the Stone Beings, the Water Spirits, the Star Nations as an amplifier and director whenever I am called by Her.

Things to know before we start working together:

I like to throw the Bones first to look into the impact that your morphogenetic field of Ancestors and Soul is having in your current story relative to what you are coming to me with and to see with the greatest clarity the role I can play to support your aim with the highest integrity.


When working with you my intention is to open what’s closed and remove obstacles to support you in reaching your own highest potential, and creative expression within the community of Life - to help you find your ‘Voice'.


If I am required to travel for the work I am doing for you my travel expense is additional.

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