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Cacao Kuchina Training

Three years ago when I was in Dieta with Cacao journeying in the Magical Forest if Infinite Thought Creativity I met with ixCacao. She handed me a big fat book and said: “Here, write my story!”


I accepted. Then she proceeded to ask me to teach - to join others and open up the ways of the Cacao Kuchina that live within the many – “I shall be your handmaiden, and you mine!” she said.

Again I accepted, bowing in humility as the resonating Yes deepened in my Heart! 


IxCacao continued: "During the first three years the course will keep changing shape – so let those walking with you know, and keep listening and co-creating. It will be accessible globally through internet communications lines, and also in person as people come to you and you go to them. You must not only teach how to make Ceremonial Cacao but also ways and practices to strengthen the connection of each with the Universe within, help them to open Voice!"


And year-long Thou Art Embodiment Cacao Kuchina Training was born.


The course delves into the following topics:


  • Preparing Ceremonial Cacao - Sacred Handmaiden & the song of the Spices. 9 month Online Circle process.

  • The Wheel of Creation - 12+1 Geometries. 

  • The Rainbow Labyrinth – A Key. 

  • Vocal Alchemy – Opening your Voice, the use of Voice as a healing tool 

  • Field Maintenance techniques – Creative breath, movement, imagination. 

  • Dream-weaving with the Mystical Realms – Unicorns, Dragons, Crystal Skulls, Elvin.

  • Serving in Ceremony – Weaving with Creation with ixCacao as Sacred Handmaiden, holding sacred space.



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