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Singing The Stones

Cleaning and attuning, singing and resounding the field into divine alignment to serve for the highest good of all.

woman in white veil dancing in the mountains
Medicine Muse Earth Works

“For so very long we have been bound to serve forces that are not for the highest good of all on Earth, and yet we are part of Her! We have had enough! Help us to reclaim our roots within the Earth so that we can once again work to assist to bring and maintain harmony amongst all present. Bring to us as many voices as you can!”

This was 11th of November 2014, this the voice of the Mother Stone in the centre of the wheel. I had been called by the ancient Stone Circle known as Adam’s Calendar – that I call Inkanyezi following baba Credo Mutwa’s telling. Friends of mine had guided me through the mists, past the wild horses to greet at the Keeper Tree, then follow the path along the escarpment – a path I knew so well, yet had never met. When we got there my feet continued to walk on an ancient and invisible path, one that unlocks the space for the wheel to turn. In this way I find that my being is a key.

“Follow your feet to where they want to be, breath and sing,” I told my friends, and I did the same. I found a black hole in the ground visible to me in the field, and worked to smooth it over bringing back harmony and unity. While I was doing this I could see 12 Elephants gather and stand around the Stone Circle. When I was done they moved as one toward the Mother and Father Stones in the center and whooshed up in a powerful column of energy that flowed off planet. Elephants clear the way. They were replaced by 12 Unicorns. The Unicorns used their horns to peal open the central column like a flower and I was given a globe of bright white light within which dwelled spinning geometries. I was asked to place the globe into the open center and drop it down to just below the surface – this is a beacon – they said. Then the petals closed and I moved to speak with the Stones up close, and they said what is written here.

Shortly after – on the December Solstice of the same year – myself and two Woman friends worked from Merdragon near Cape Town to open the Ley Line up to Inkanyezi so that we have an easy access point to support the work of keeping that ancient porthole clear and aligned for the highest good. This is a wonderful, colourful story that is likely to become a children’s book someday!

Since then I have returned many times to Inkanyezi to deepen the work and Sing the Stones. The Mother Stone talks a lot, she has told me stories of ancient times, of how they came to be there, of ancient trust and betrayal, of their purpose and function on Earth. Once the Stone Beings walked on the Earth. They are my Ancestors, perhaps they are yours too… They remember so much, the good the bad and the ugly. My work with them is to liberate their stuckness, to listen to their pain, and to sing them the blessings of love and forgiveness. Often we find there is a Dragon asleep or bound who needs gentle wakening or liberating to support the healthy flow of energy in the land. So I walk in a mythoreality – both with the land when I listen to Her, and within the fields of people when speaking to their Ancestors - doing the work of cleaning and attuning, singing and resounding the field into divine alignment to serve for the highest good of all. I am gifted with the frequencies of Mantis and the Moon by my Khoisan Ancestors, thus the Stars bring back to me directions whenever I cannot see the way.

This work started for me in 2012 when the Crystal Skulls called to me and put me through a three month training process, then later in the year I found myself carried to Scotland on a gift journey that was the answer to a Calling. I was given a list of missions to achieve by the Universe, one of which was to open the lines between the Scottish Highlands and Mcgregor in South Africa – it was the first time I had been asked to do this. When I got onto the plane to leave South Africa I was joined by more animal spirits than I had ever seen! Giraffes, zebras, springboks, leopards, lions, elephants… I discovered why when we were doing the line-opening ceremony: the animals knew the way home! Whenever I do work with the Earth I have so much help! It is a magical work, an honour to be called to!

I am due to go to Europe again soon. This time I have been called by the Ancient Stones of the Goddess Temple Ggantija in Malta. My task there is to listen to and Sing the Stones, to give voice to the primordial Feminine remembered therein, merging the timelines and thus liberating the voices in this time now. Thereafter I go to Italy to work to support the crossing over of many who were killed in battle, and because they were women. To further the works of cleaning deep sorrow held within a stagnant lake, and bring hope to the land. Then to Germany once again – when I was last there I met a dragon. He is a huge Imperial one who has been bound by misuse of the sacred geometries, thus he is unable to do the works of protecting the freedom rights of the people and the land. I have been working with him for a couple of months now – letting him use my eyes to witness and feel the goodness in humanity to ease his re-birth. The last time I went to Europe It was a Stone in Italy that called me, that one I now call Christos Sanctus Magdalena.

So it is that I am now working with a growing network of Stones and Trees and bodies of Water with the Spirit Winds and the Voices calling forth the power of peace and the light of love! In order to do this work I organize other paying works of ceremony to pave the way. If you would like to donate to assist, to make the way wider, that will be a welcome blessing! Regardless, I shall continue – the calling to the land is such a wonderful adventure!



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