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I am Lah-Hallah MARIA 

I have walked the winding path of one with a strong Calling as a Medicine Woman, a Rainbow Warrior following the song of the bluebird on my shoulder that sings within my Heart. Born white in South Africa with a poetjiekos mixture of powerful Ancestry from lineages who’s Ways have largely been long ago dismantled by force and choice, my primary teacher has been, and remains the Universe. Like you, I am a weave of many stories - to categorise is limiting, yet the telling is a Story of Note!… I am a mirror of you.

Vocal Alchemist

I follow my feet with a song in my Heart living many incarnations in this One Life!  

I am a songstress, a vocal alchemist, a storyteller, and a Dreamweaver. I am a blue-nosed Clown walking tall on stilts, a Troubador, Bard, and Hear-sayer to the People. With the sounds of Voice and the Voice of the Universe, we open the dreaming for the Universe to remember the ancient New within the container of our co-creation.

Cacao Kuchina

I am Cacao Kuchina remembering the long and mystical journey we sisters have traversed together across timelines. I am a handmaiden to the Sacred and teacher of these ways.


I am initiated into the ancient shamanic lineages of Africa called Sangoma – the people with Medicine, those who heal with singing, dancing and playing the drum - a voice and diviner working to open communication lines between Ancestors, Soul, and Spirit. I am a graduated Thokoza Sangoma with the medicine of Ndau, Nguni, Isithunywa, and Makhosi. I have received Mpande – the Roots of the lineage that ground my Calling to teach.


I am a Red Tent Mother, Sister and Daughter walking with the White Rose – she who expresses all the colors of the rainbow. My gifting works with Women and with Men in the ancient arts of remembering.


I practice Dieta supported by a Shipibo Maestro - growing the Spirits of Plants inside me by my own sacrifice, commitment, and the calling of the plants.


I walk with Frog medicine, I weave with the Wheel, I dance with the Labyrinth and I sing in communion with Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth. I am a Songline Singer.


There is an ancient Siberian Bushman Celtic Elvin Maria that breaths with me… Within the union of this Body and this Soul is a meeting place of many ancient ways remembered and remembering. We dance and sing and co-create together as One!

I am Mother

I am blessed to be a Mother, walking this beautiful, inspiring & challenging living initiation. A single Mother questing for connections within the somewhat fragmented community of modern life. My children are teenagers now, the journey is profound! As clear and bright reflections of the Universe, I Am – my children have been and are my greatest teachers, way-showers, and openers. Each step we each take deepens me in the Power of Love and Commitment. We are re-writing the ancestral patterning of our Clans and grounding our Souls. I bow and tip my hat to you fellow Parents of Children!


Walk with me



Over the years each Calling I have received and followed has brought with it a new name! Lah holds the initials of the full name my parents gave me. Hallah is the echoing mirror. Maria is the name of Ancestors that called out through the waters of my Sangoma Naming Ceremony.

Medicine Muse reflects the many mysteries that come together in this living One… but that is another story for another day – My story of Names!


I choose to live and work in service as a co-creator for the Highest Good of All. I choose to love and co-create with the light of unconditional Love, the Power of Peace & the Wisdom of Gratitude as a response-able Human Woman. To know True Self - this is my practice.


So I invite you to walk the Labyrinth – the winding path of Your Calling! I cannot talk about the steps for you, nor determine the nature of your journey, but I can help you remove the obstacles and interferences within your morphogenetic field, bring healing & attunement to your patterning, show you how to draw the lines for yourself, and how to call in the wheel…


As you reflect the Universe to me, I can share my Gift with you and assist you to open your own Voice - to sound the Universe within you, for I am another face of the same Infinite One, I am another yourself!

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