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Ocean of devotion

We Humanity have suffered such great pains and committed such great atrocities. In order to cope we have turned our faces away from terrible truths and chosen to face the illusions we call normal life.

Calm ocean waves
Ocean of devotion

All the while the Earth and Her Children suffer, We suffer... And again and again She forgives - you are a part of me, and I love myself. I love you.

So many of us have kept ourselves small and hidden our light for fear of again creating great shame and pain. We have quieted our voices and the voices of our children, put our heads down and carried on.

I speak in the we for we are, in each body - the coming together of Ancestors and Soul incarnations with the Breath of Life.

We are we - a Soul and many Ancestors. I give thanks to the Earth and my Ancestors and the Breath of Life, umoya, for giving me this body!

We - have always had a choice.

We - have done what we feel to be right,

We - have acted according to our ability at the time.

In these merging timelines - times of cleaning, I give thanks to Ancestors that their actions have opened pathways of choice that so strongly speak!..

We have walked this way before,

And thus we have learned,

And thus we have grown...

And we need never walk these pathways again.

The Calling of Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Compassion is a Power Great that is completed with gratitude awakened.

The Ocean refuses no River.

So come, shall We jump in...

Dive into the deep

Wash with-in the River

Make I clean

On a sure path

Held by the Land

Sparkling with Sunlight

Aflow with trust and devotion

That returns home to the Ocean?

It begins with Me, and I am We 🌈✨🌹✨🌿🌊💕


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