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Cacao is a  strong teacher to the path of Embodied Bliss & Love, the journey to know True Self.


ixCacao is infinitely creative and shares with me a constant flow of method and technique – playful, deeply cleaning, sensual, nurturing, attuning and re-aligning.


ixCacao is a Sacred Teacher Plant, embodiment aid and medicine of the Heart - she is a powerful and graceful cleaner that attunes us to the high vibrational frequencies of Bliss and Love, assisting us to remember.


She has flowed into the works of Sangoma in my family through me to join the works in healing the Tree – of the body, of the lineages of ancestors - the Tree of Life. 

I create Cacao products and offer training and supported one-on-one micro-dosing processes.​

I serve individuals, couples, groups, and concert-style. 


I am the Mother of Shining Hearts Cacao – a global collective of Cacao Kuchinas, many whom I have trained.


Get in touch if you are interested in cacao ceremonies.

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