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The Rose Path

MaRosa – Inside with the Marys and the Magdalenes​

Some years ago, before my calling to initiate into the lineages of Sangoma returned MaRosa called me during personal journeys with ixCacao.

I went through a period of intensive and regular journeying with Ceremonial Cacao, each time entering into my glade in the mystical forest of infinite thought creativity traveling through the fire, or the large Stone that stands there.

My glade is a wide, open space where many can gather and the light of the Sun and many Suns is easily received.

In those weeks and months ixCacao, Madrecita Ayahuasca (whom I had only at that stage met in the mystical realms under the direction of ixCacao), and my Soul others MaUma & Wolf Man were giving me an intensive training preparing me for what is all open now. Each time after arriving in my glade I would follow the path to find ixCacao and see what comes next. Beside the path was growing a Rambling Rose. Often when I emerged out of the mystical realms and into the pyramid where I began I was showered with rose petals. So I dieted Rose, and she gave me a profound teaching about herself – which you can read in my blog: MaRosa Speaks.

After graduating as Sangoma, named Gogo Maria Magdalene, the way I see began to change, and when I was steaming people MaRosa came to assist – she is a powerful healer and initiator! I received a series of visions indicating a training process that I am undergoing as an initiator myself, working with my Voice and my body of Soul and Ancestors, and very specifically with the frequencies of the Rose that are transmitted through the Magdalene. These visions confused me for some time as I entered into a comparative process, comparing initiation forms. My team told me to just walk the path.

As I have walked, and the separation within me between self and True Self has become less and less I have realized that I am still in training, my body is not yet ready to transmit the very high frequency emissions needed to perform true initiation, so I am preparing my body working together with the practices of the Tantras, following instruction from the Universe within.

I am Gogo Maria Magdalene, I am a Mary. Those who are drawn to me are often walking with the frequencies of the Rose reflected in their Ancestry and Soul through a close connection with the lineages of the Marys and the Magdalene, the Christus frequencies.

Through initiation into my branch of our Rose carrying family of the ancient unbroken lineages of Sangoma my Twazas (students) initiate into intimate alignment with the ancient Rose lineage re-emerged in this time, opening their own ancestral connections to times of old. The initiates called the Magdalenes passed through the same mystery school as the one that Sangoma traditions stem from, as did many of the other schools on the planet – most of which are now broken if not destroyed lineages. Some who come to me feel a strong and resonant yes to initiate as Sangoma, others do not – this is fine and good!

For those who don’t feel called to the Sangoma lineages I work with you step by step with your Ancestral Healing & training following instruction from the bones. Often this looks like Lahla, Steams, Nature Ceremony attunements, anointing, you becoming a participant in the Cacao training Course to receive shamanic training, doing Twaza Gobongo and entering into training with the Tantras.

As your Ancestor-Soul communication become more and more aligned and sparkly the pure waters of the Universe flow more easily through the body of your being, grounding you step by step more deeply into presence of True Self.

Pure Rose Path walkers often have more than one teacher, and weave more than one way together in the process – I myself am one, and to get Mpande in the Ancient Mystery School of Sangoma was part of my Calling. (To be a Mpande Gogo is to hold the roots of the tradition as a teacher and initiator.) There is no One Way, there is only the way that is Your Way. The bones are infinitely supportive in guiding in these processes!

MaRosa opens her sweet, soft petals and invites you to rest and melt within the gentle touch of her holding, then when you are ready – she draws you in deeply into her stem and her thorns pierce the many dimensions of your being from within, re-aligning your patterning and placement within the center of the Universe. She and I work together like this, together with my vast team of Ancestors and Soul, and with the Golden Chord of my Voice.

As ixCacao is sacred handmaiden to me in so many of my works, I am sacred handmaiden to MaRosa – a Voice of the Marys – in the works of grounding Heaven on Earth within body of human.



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