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I am a graduated initiate and teacher within the African Shamanic Mystery School Lineages of Thokoza Sangoma - Mpande Gogo - an Initiator with graduated Twazas (Students).  The Sangoma’s ‘job’ is to heal the community, the Mpande Gogo’s ‘job’ is to heal the community and open the voice of the twaza.



We (Sangoma, & me and my ‘team’) work to open the communication lines between Ancestors and Soul so that the healing waters - the breath of Spirit can flow in each moment. 

I work one-on-one with the ancient and powerful technologies of Sangoma to remove obstacles within the field such as curses & entities, negotiate with ancestors & bringing them healing, working with the Muthis (African natural medicines) to bring cleaning and blessing, and with the kingdoms and queendoms of Nature to realign your morphogenetic field with missing parts – smoothing out, opening and re-connecting the patterning within your field, the field of the home, the field of the land… to enable a greater flow of life force, joy, and peace, training your ancestors to assist you to ground your power and true purpose!


Bone Throwing

The Bones are shells, stones, small objects, and a few bones… they work with me as oracles to give insight into the origins of problems you may be experiencing and give suggestions on ways forward and treatments that will affect change. Readings are done in person, via Zoom or remotely. An audio recording and images of the layout of the bones are emailed to you afterward. 


I like to throw the Bones first to look into the impact that your morphogenetic field of Ancestors and Soul is having in your current story relative to what you are coming to me with and to see with the greatest clarity the role I can play to support your aim with the highest integrity.

Certain of the teachings I bring to students are not able to land well and root deeply if disruptive Ancestral patterning is in the way, so cleaning is needed.



Property Cleansing & Blessing

Clearing out curse energies, entity interference, ghost interference, trapped emotional energies. Grounding of ley-line energies, closing of cracks in the field, liberating bound Earth energy power.

I will need to come to the property at a stage of the work.

Following my experience, there are generally many steps to undertake. When I work with your property I will probably need to work with you and others involved in the property venture – to clean and attune your fields, and raise your consciousness in various ways. 

lahla | Femba

Deep Cleanse

Ancestral & recent curse & entity removal & washing.


I am a very good hunter of curses, entities and other obstacles from the morphogenetic field. I find that often these are have been in the field for many generations and cause dissonance in the life experience: in relationships with self and others and life in general, with finances.

Removing these opens up space in the field for the light of your own life force to reign present.

When myself and my spirit team do this work we also bring healing and attunement, put in place protections to minimize the experience of bounce back and work with physical co-creative technologies to bring lasting blessings into the field.

We do this work in various different ways in person and from the distance with Zoom as a councilling support tool.​ ​


Yoni | Perenium | Whole Body


The Steam process is a discreet and powerful technology practiced by many shamanic traditions.

I use powerful African muthis.

Working together with the frequencies of the plants and the rising waters we reshape the habitual ‘landscape’ of ancestral patterning.

Working together with the Steam, sound and alchemical voice we assist to awaken parts of self long-dormant because of soul-ancestral traumas.

The effect can be deeply moving and enable a beautiful shift in life experience – the experience of Self.


This work can be done at a distance.

Nature | Fire



In nature ceremonies, I work with Ocean, River, Mountain, Forest.

Nature ceremonies are beautiful and powerful re-connection processes sometimes called ‘fetching of Ancestors’.

Working with the technologies of Sangoma and those taught to me by my own ‘team’ We sing together with the Kingdoms and Queendoms of Nature and we open communications across space and time to bring ‘cleaning’, healing and re-alignment to the clients' field of body and soul.


Fire Ceremony uses the Fire, which is a living being who agrees to assist with our healing process when all is ready to meet its transmutation power.

My task is to call in the Universe, listen to and support the Sacred Fire in its task working within the field with alchemical voice & sound to amplify shift.


Personal talisman crafting

A fiso is a beaded pouch of blessings muthi that works to amplify beneficial attributes within your field to increase well being. There are 1000s of muthis with a wide variety of jobs that come together in fiso to align each with a good and right purpose!

Aside from the muthis I also work with colors and crystals, and anything else that speaks to me.


I prefer to throw bones for you first before making one of these for you – so that I can see clearly what We are dealing with.


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