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Red Dead Redemption Pc Password [Updated]




" so now you'll have a text file named password You mean this one? /etc/shadow yep I am at a loss why it would have done this But, yes, that is what I just pasted in Password: so you already had a login setup Only when I installed lightdm. ok, good then you can get rid of that file and re-log in But I can go into X? no, this only works with the nvidia drivers Oh, so I need a different one no I am just worried that I killed my laptop nope I am not sure if I need to do this on a running system or from a live cd it will happen once you're done and can't boot into the nvidia driver How do I check? you don't need to do it from a live cd dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg But it would be nice if I could run it from the live cd why it will just drop you into a console and ask for stuff Because I have some bleeding edge hw here ok so you're just reinstalling the nvidia driver Yes, but the steps to get to the console is a bit unclear that's exactly the point Since I did not have a console it will be fine I will take your word for it I think I see what you mean. yeah it's a pain, but it's worth it to get up and running I am kind of excited that I can try it out Let me go ahead and reboot alright One sec Okay, I got booted back to



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Red Dead Redemption Pc Password [Updated]
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