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MaRosa Speaks

A Conversation with Rose

red rose on the black background
MaRosa Speaks

This morning I sit by the Oceans roar in my car and breath. Straight away Rose is with me, even as I put down roots – they are hers, and put up shoots to meet the daylight Stars and the Moon whom we do not see – they are the petals of her beautiful white flower. I extend the crystalline pyramid around me above and below, and pull down the golden thread – even now I feel it shooting through the Sun, through me, right through the Earth and out the other side – in weave of Dakini creation.

Rose, she beckons to me and so I sit in her seat, grateful for this journey I am sharing with her, and for the gift and knowledge of constellating.

Till now I have been eating and drinking her petals and smelling her scent, and my drop-in experiences have been filled with thorns whenever she has entered my field – to the point of me feeling physically pricked! When she penetrated me she ripped me up inside; she has surrounded me with a wall of thorns her flowers up above me, and at times lighting my chakras – white in heart and crown, red in womb.

Mostly though, I’ve been experiencing thorns.

Then yesterday her thorns called to me, so last night I ate three – one from a stem with a plucked flower, one from a stem with a mature flower and one from a stem with a closed bud. Sharp, delicate thorns these; not the out door, hot Sun hardened variety. I chewed them up carefully and as I did I received a deep sense of gentleness, and so began to ponder the profundity of this.

This morning in my car by the Ocean as I sit in the seat of Rose and revisit her thorns she begins to reveal herself to me…

A large sharp thorn protrudes out of the centre of my chest, two protrude out of my inner hips areas, and two out of my back rooted in my kidneys. I see that there are thorns on my knees and the one on my right is broken – “it was plucked” she says “and you tore your ligament”.

Thorns protrude from my masculine and feminine third eye entry points, one from the back of my heart…

Woman in a red dress
I am blooming | My petals open full

I feel myself sitting in my seat with these protrusions – like her, and they touch things and people, and make it difficult to get too close, yet are part of beautiful Rose… I feel I can relax and accept myself like this – self-acceptance is a gift to any Woman, or Man.

As Rose – my thorns reaching out into space, rooted deeply within me, sitting in silent contemplation I open to the three-fold experience…

I am blooming, my petals open full and soft, gently singing – giving of myself entirely and receiving completely – You reach out to pluck me… I feel you wince as my thorn pricks you, I pour out my beautiful sweet sensuality over your gaze, your breath, your skin, and I penetrate you deeply, and draw blood – now we are kin.

Would you take me? Would you pluck my beauty for yourself?

I give of myself willingly, completely, entirely. You take my scent, my beauty to bless your home, your loved ones, your lover; this brings me great joy! And if we meet as kin then I embrace you deeper still – Will You embrace me in my All? When I am in full bloom I am shining my power for all to see sharing my beauty into space, yet a deep peace dwells within me. My every thorn holds a story, a dimension, a song deeply rooted within me; you see I am present, it is all me, I am Ancient.

When I am in full bloom you can come curl up naked in my petals and I will touch you and caress your pleasure, and inspire your desire… you can rest into sweet gentle dreams and open to enticing erotic fantasies asleep to the body of my full and powerful presence. Yet if you eat my softness and drink in my melody, if you wish to truly know yourself in me don’t get surprised when my thorns enter up into you and rip at your illusion, embrace me even as I draw blood from your flesh, even as your body is repelled and attracted at the same time.

Can you truly love me? Can you truly love yourself?

When you pluck my bloom for yourself and leave me barren I am split – at once gifting you with my mortal beauty, and withdrawing deeply within myself, within the cover of my foliage to dance, and wail, and rest amongst the roots of my thorns – portholes interwoven into the fiber of my being. I draw deeply on the wisdom of my rawness, my voice deepens and crackles, my thorns draw storylines on the skin of my face and I throw my head back revealing a wild, open-throat laugh in the face of the dark night sky while the beauty that you have plucked slowly withers and dies in your hands…

Will you still love me as the colour drains from my beauty and my melody fades and falls? As I am yourself, will you partake of All of my Glory?

Now I am a bundling, wrapped up within me are unknown mysteries… You watch me – ripe with expectations and dreaming. I breathe in the silence drawn from deep, deep within me. With the tips of my thorns I pierce the Universe and Song-lines trickle into my veins informing the poetry of my own creation – once again I am recreating myself anew even as I am at once having a three fold experience, once again I am preparing myself to meet the World and reveal the beauty that rises from 100 000 thorns… and I breath and pulsate pure potential. The Universe sings and I resonate my silent voice in chorus, fully closed yet fully open.

I have emerged from the forest and you can see me, yet I remain a mystery.

Will you pluck me and take me for yourself? Will You feed my awakening as my thorny forest surely can? Will this disrupt the harmonies of the spheres, of unfolding divinity? Or will the frequency weave that is the fabric of your being enlighten and resound the endless depths of my eternity and gift the World with new life once again?

I give myself just the same – it is small wonder my thorns sprung forth…

I am Rose, I am ancient in my naked entirety, I am love and acceptance beyond all rules and regulations, beyond death. I love for you, and die for you, for I love myself completely. You cannot possess me or own me for I am whole unto myself. I am Dakini to your truths, and your illusions.

I give you my flowers and my thorns freely; I give you myself with no holding back. When you open a space in the fabric of my being I eat fear of death and widen to embrace the harmony of Creation, and I blossom for you again.

Red rose petals closeup
Rose is the feminine.

Rose is the feminine. Rose is destroyer of illusions and creator of harmony. Rose is dream awakened. Rose is relationship counsellor. Rose is self-accepting, self-knowing. Rose is cosmic and multi-dimensional. Rose is fully awakened presence. Rose is Dakini unbridled. Rose is lover wild.


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